August 29, 2008

RA Training: Day Seven & Eight

Sorry for no post last night, Bobby came to visit. We hung out with my fellow RA's playing Rock Band and then hung out for a nice quiet evening. Tonight was a lot of fun. I went out with a whole gaggle of fellow RA's and had a great night! Dancing, laughing, and a few drinks. Love it!

Training is officially over. Just check-in and then the school year begins. The past two days have been mainly short presentations from various agencies on campus - health center, football coach, student activities, etc. Good times! I got to help out in a mock-trial we held to talk about ethics. I was a witness to an "inappropriate romantic relationship" between an RA and her resident. It was fun! I love acting things out on a small scale. No more stage work for me, though.

Well, tomorrow I hope to have a bit more time to craft. There has been a sleep mask staring at me on my desk for the past four days and I think tomorrow will be the day I actually put it together. I hope to make a tutorial to go with it. See you all tomorrow!!

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