September 14, 2008

Sleep Mask Tutorial

Phew! Sorry for going MIA for a little bit... This week was jammed-packed with stuff to do! So busy, that I didn't have much time to craft at all. Ugh. Except for the other day when I attempted to use my sewing machine only to find that it's not working right! Garrrrrrr!! Hopefully I will be able to fix it. Anyways... Today I bring you my long-promised Sleep Mask tutorial. I hope you like it! 

You Will Need:

  • 10x4 inches of Decorative Fabric (Top)
  • 10x4 inches of Satiny Fabric (Back)
  • 10x4 inches of Fusable Interfacing
  • Click - Pattern
  • Two 18 inch pieces of Ribbon
  • One 21 inch piece of Ribbon
  • Accent Fabric, Beads, other embelishments.

I did not include info on the little cupcake embellishment since you should add your own personal touch! Feel free to comment and post photos of what you've created!!

Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

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