September 24, 2008

Where have I been??

Oh man... I've been slacking!! I had the next Etsy Eight all ready to post, but now some of the items are sold out. I've been just so busy with Student Teaching that blogging, crafting, and even cleaning have taken a backseat! And it doesn't look like it will be letting up soon... Tomorrow I get observed by my supervisor, and then Back to School night is tomorrow, Friday I have Dinner night with the girls and then I am driving home for the weekend with my boyfriend for my neice's third birthday party. Man, oh man!!

Here is a photo of my neice sporting a Cupcake disc charm I made her.

Well, there is a little update for you guys (if anyone actually reads this) in case you were wondering. I am planning a Giveaway very soon! Like... As soon as I take pictures of what I plan on giving away!


  1. hey there! Like Jade, I've added you to mah supercool blogroll. ^_^

  2. Awe...your niece is just too cute!!