November 14, 2008

Holy crap!

Wow... Where did I come from!?

Hehe... Sorry for SUCH a long delay in my posting. I've been really really busy with Student Teaching and finishing up my college degree. Thank goodness it's all going to be over in about a month!

However... in about a month is ....gasp... CHRISTMAS!! So with that in mind, I've started my work on the many handmade Christmas gifts, ornaments, and decorations I intend to produce. How many of these that I have planned will I complete - I have no idea. But with hope, I will get a majority of them done.

Right now I am working on a stuffed ball like this one below by Grand Revival Designs. I am making it from light flannel in patterns of baby blue. This will be for my Godson, J.J. He will be turning one around Thanksgiving this year and I'm really excited!

Photo by Grand Revival Designs

My Godson, J.J., the lucky recipient of a ton of fun baby toys I am making!

Since I feel so horrible about leaving you all for such a long time, here are some photos of a few things I've made in my absence.

Some yummy little cupcakes and a lollipop - polymer clay

Stuffed "j" decoration - felt

"It Starts with a Cup" swap on

Hopefully my next installment won't be too far off, but in the meantime, Happy Crafting!


  1. Love the cupcakes and lollipop! Very nice job! Other stuff you made is great too.

    Just the mention of getting ready for Christmas has made my heart beat faster... so much to make and the time is flying by!

    Thanks for the cloth ball idea. I've got just the right fabric for those and they would make perfect gifts for the little ones in my life too!

  2. Thanks Cindy! I can't believe how quickly Christmas is upon us... Thanksgiving is now over and there's less than a month to prepare! Best of luck to you on your holiday adventures... I love reading your blog, by the way :)