November 28, 2008

Black Friday?? No thanks.

Hello there crafters!! As many of you in the United States know, today is Black Friday - the most ridiculous shopping day of the year. My mother and I were planning on heading to the local mall at 4AM to stand in line for a chance to win $500 in gift cards, but the turkey in our tummies decided otherwise. 

This story here - Walmart worker dies in Black Friday Store Rush just makes me sick. Why? Why endanger the lives of others to save some money on plasma screen TVs? Are Americans really that careless and selfish? I pray that times will change soon so that in a situation like this, a shopper would stop and help a person off the ground instead of stampeding over them just to buy some useless piece of junk. Merry Christmas, indeed. Ugh. 

I suppose to move on to happier topics, I finished my godson's stuffed gifts. Today is his first birthday, by the way. I got to spend time with him and his 3 year old sister yesterday at my Grandma's Thanksgiving dinner. We played piano and had a great time overall! It was nice to see my family together and happy. Anyways, here are the final products for JJ's Christmas gift.

I am really happy with these! The ball even has a little rattle inside. I am sooo stupidly proud of myself, haha!

On another note, keep an eye out for the Frosted Treats Esty Shop holiday sale! I plan on posting a number of goodies by Monday for your holiday needs. Things that will be on sale: 

  • Holiday themed cupcakes and lollipops
  • Wristlets for you and yours
  • Key Fobs in all colors 
  • Mini Monogram Stockings

Check back here for previews and *gasp* COUPONS!! Here's a preview of a few Key Fobs I've made...

Enjoy! See you next time!

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