March 11, 2009

SITS Winner!!

Yay!! I've chosen a winner for the neat-o Pea Pod earring!

Congratualtions FAScinated!! I'll be posting on your Blog and e-mailing you shortly!! Congrats!!

All yours!

Stay tuned, there's still time to enter for the Spring Buds set!

Thanks again to the SITS girls for making such a neat Spring Fling event happen!


  1. Thanks so much for entering my Cheesecake Factory giveaway, and for becoming a follower! I hope you enjoy my blog! I try to visit at least 2 of my followers daily to spread comment love! Be seeing you soon!

  2. The earrings are adorable. Thanks for stopping by my Girl Scout Cookie Spring Fling Giveaway yesterday, Wow what a Spring Fling that was, so much fun. I am tired out today.
    I bet your dad did hide the cookies, I have been known to hide(hoard) Girl Scout Cookies myself.
    Have a Good Day. I will be picking a winner in a while. Good Luck!!

  3. Dang it! I'm not a weener! I mean winner.