March 17, 2009

St. Patty's, Buttercup Bags, and Crazy Lester


Wow, I can't believe it's the best day of the year already! Hehe, I am a proud little Irish girl and I have been celebrating all day with my little leprechaun family!

I've been a lazy bumster with putting together a post, but I'll give you one now! I've been doing a bunch of sewing to get all of the prizes out from the Spring Fling, so if you won something, it will be sent out soon!

I also had a birthday to sew for - Happy Birthday Nina!!

Holy crap, how did this get 219 views on Flickr?? Wow! Based on the free pattern at Made by Rae, this is my version of the Buttercup Bag. I didn't have any magnetic closures on me, so I used a chunky button to close it up. I love how it turned out and I may have to make another for myself! I hope she likes it! 

Check out some of the other FANTASTIC Buttercup Bags posted in the Flickr Pool!

I also made this wallet to match.

Nina's Wallet

This is my first attempt at creating a wallet - and I've learned some things. 

1. Snaps suck ass. I hate them and I doubt I will use them again. Hello velcro!
2. Make card pockets longer.
3. I love making freezer paper stencils. Woo!


Okay, so you remember how I said I was going to a night club this past Friday? Well, that fell through thanks to empty wallets. However, Bobby (boyfriend) and I had some adventures this weekend!

Friday - We got all ready to go to the night club, but we had to drop Bobby's 16-year-old sister off at a friend's house first. We popped the address into the GPS and took off. The GPS decided that the fastest route to the friend's house would be to cut down "Unnamed Road," AKA Creepy Dirt Road. 

Bobby, being the curious cat that he is, turns onto the dirt road and visions of horror movies start popping into my head. It was the perfect set up - Friday the 13th, dusk, Creepy Dirt Road through a South Jersey farm, two young girls in the back, and a couple sitting in the front seats. I pictured an ax murderer, goblin or ghoulie eating our souls one at a time. 

Looking around, there are a number of rusted out, broken down tractors and other weapons of mass produce production, a whole lot of dirt, and a beat up barn with the word "PEACHES" painted in two-story tall letters on the side. This farm looked like something out of the dust bowl. I doubt peaches we grown there, it seemed like the farm was either abandoned or used to harvest dry, crumbly dirt.

We were almost off the dirt road when we see headlights coming up ahead of us. Bobby pulls to the side of the path and then we see lights coming up behind us, too.

Oh great, now we're really going to die.

The man in the truck that came at us head-on hopped out and signaled for us to stop.


So we stop. The man proceeds to yell at us that this is private property and people drive through all the time despite the "No Trespassing" sign at the start of the road. We proceed to tell the crazy man that we're sorry, we're leaving, and we were just doing with the GPS told us. He tells us that the land is his father's (the man who drove up behind us and was now standing beside our car as well) and that "People get shot around here for trespassing! 

Perfect. Cue suspense-building music. He babbles on some more about other people who have driven through their crappy little dirt farm and then turns to his decrepit old father and says, "What should we do with 'em, Pa?" 

ARE YOU SERIOUS?? A bit more babbling, I'm getting annoyed at the sound of his voice as he repeats for the fifth time how it's private property and people drive through all the time. Bobby is cool as a cucumber and his sister and her friend are peeing their pants in the back seat.

So Mr. Dirt Farmer lets us go by and we get to the friend's house. We drive home and later receive a text message from Bobby's sister saying telling us that she found out that everyone in that town knows the guy as "Crazy Lester." Lovely.

Saturday - Bobby and I went with his brother and his mom to a mall in Delaware to buy a MacBook for his brother. We had some delicious pizza and laughed a lot about our run-in with Crazy Lester.

Later, we drove out to Bobby's uncle's house in Pennsylvania for a bonfire. We've been to a couple of bonfires at Uncle Carl's and they are always a ton of fun! Before we got the fire started, we drove to a little tavern in Maryland (we were really close to the PA/MD border) and got some fantastic crab bisque. Once we got back, we tossed all kinds of brush and wood onto the fire and even roasted a few hotdogs. Toss in a bunch of beers, and it was a great night. All-in-all, we spent some time in three states - NJ, PA, MD, DE. Fun!

Sunday - We drove back to Bobby's house and met up with Nina (the birthday girl mentioned previously), Anthony, and their daughter K. Anthony was Bobby's roommate our first year of college, and Nina lived next door to me. I love it when we get to spend time with them. We had a nice dinner at Applebee's and then some fabulous ice cream cake afterwards. A great time was had by all!

So now I'm home and recovering from all the excitement. I'm heading out to Corned Beef and Cabbage at the American Legion in town as we do every year. Have a great St. Patty's Day, everyone!


  1. Thanks for stopping by today! Thanks for the encouragement with student teaching...weird is that not only are you a fellow teacher, but a history teacher as well!!! I love history!

    Although I am finding it hard to find a job in this field...oh well!

  2. I love the wallet. Great job. Cool color combo too. Thanks!

  3. In response to your comment: I drew up a little pattern before I started, but it still required me to make some things up as I went a long! Thanks for your comment!

  4. I came upon your blog from SMS and i am also with SITS :)

    I just started sewing and its my stress reliever lol
    Loved the bag i cant wait to make mine and not bad for a first attempt at sewing a wallet :)