August 18, 2009

Tea for Tuesday: An Introduction

It wasn't until I began my sophomore year of college that I realized my love for tea. I had been a faithful coffee drinker since I was able to figure out the coffee maker when I was in high school. Strangely enough, I drank less coffee in college than I did at home. Soon, it was hard for me to drink coffee regularly without getting an upset tummy. Still needing my caffeine fix, I craved an alternative.


image from Kind over Matter

My Grandma has always been a tea drinker, but my interest in tea stopped at imaginary tea parties and thoughts of fancy English women. I wanted to start small - the typical Lipton bagged tea that sat out in baskets in my University's cafeteria seemed like a good starter-tea. Add a little sugar (no milk for me, that was part of the reason I needed to get away from coffee), and I was set! I soon fell in love with all sorts of teasl green tea, chamomile, black tea, herbal infusions, and so on. A cup in the morning, a cup of decaf at night... It got to the point during my senior year that my roommates and I had a whole shelf dedicated to the multitude of boxed tea owned between the three of us.

I even had the pleasure of putting on historic tea parties at my summer job to highlight three generations of tea parties and recipes. (I'll be sharing my favorite recipe with you later in this series). Through all this, I stuck primarily to pre-bagged, brand name teas. I had only experienced loose tea during my historic tea parties and those were pretty basic teas - Oolong and Darjeeling, mainly. I didn't fully realize the lengths to which loose tea had become so varied and unique.

Well, my dear readers, I have seen the error in my ways. I've recently gone head-first into the world of loose tea and the wonders it holds. This series, Tea for Tuesday will be a record of my exploration of various teas and all of the delicate luxuries of tea culture. I will have recipes from myself and other bloggers, crafty tea-related tutorials, and (of course) a few giveaways here and there. I highly suggest you stick around.

This week's feature comes from the fabulous foodie blog of my good friend, Alexandra. She and I go waaaay back to a few years ago when I was her RA during her first year of college. That year was filled with plenty of laughs and late-night lounge-dwelling. Ahh, the good old days. I was so happy/proud/excited when she went on to become an RA herself. Anyways... A Food Coma contains recipes, reviews, and helpful hints for the budget-conscious food lover. Brought to you by Alex and her partner-in-crime Brandon (another former RA), this blog really is the place to go when you want to indulge in some eye-candy. Earlier this week Alex was featured on with tips for college foodies. How cool is that!?

A Food Coma has great Podcasts that walk you through recipes and other kitchen adventures. A while back, when A Food Coma was just getting started with podcasts, Alex starred in a really helpful guide to brewing loose tea. Lights... camera...


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If you're new to loose tea brewing, I hope that takes a bit of the edge off. I know I was clueless, so I want to give a HUGE "Thanks" to Alex and Brandon. Keep up the great work! Come back next week and I'll provide you with a few tea reviews and maybe even some samples ;)


  1. Thanks for shedding some light on the loose tea thing. I've been scared to try it too, not sure how much to use and all. That Mayan Truffle sounded really good. Perhaps I will take a little adventure in loose tea this week!

  2. This is cute. I follow almost 200 tea blogs so I know what you're doing here. It's definitely a good thing to introduce loose leaf tea to the young crowd. They need to know that actually many loose leaf teas are going to cost less than teabags while being yet of higher quality. --Jason