September 9, 2009

Tea for Tuesday: Yes, I know it's Wednesday

Hey-llo! Thanks for checking in :)

Yeeeaaaasssss... I know it's Wednesday and T4T (Tea for Tuesday, cause I'm clever like that) is a bit late. For good reason, I promise. Yesterday I was teaching my best friend the basics of working with Polymer Clay! She did great! I wish I had some photos to show off, but I was so wrapped up in sculpting and general fun that my camera stayed in my purse. 

Today's post is a bit thin - First, I'll show you what I listed today in my Etsy Shop

Tea for Two Charm Necklace - $15

I really love how this came out... I plan to make more, but here's the first and- in my opinion - most special. I always feel connected to something I create when it's the first of its kind. Hopefully you all like it as much as I do :) Two teeensy, tiny tea cups dangle next to a tea pot. Ahhh, bliss. 

Here's a look at my other new listings... 

Any suggestions? Requests? Improvements? I'm always up to try something new, but the gears in my brain sometimes grind to a halt. Give me some inspiration! If you give me an idea that I fall in love with, there just might be a reward in it... Catch my drift?

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  1. Very cute idea to make a teapot and cups for a charm! I know lots of ladies who would just love that. A coffee and a donut would be fun too, wouldn't it? You know... for the more 'hard core' clients! :-)