May 19, 2010

May Flea Market Report

Allow me to fill you in on how the first 2010 table at a craft show/flea market went the first Saturday in May for my partner in crime (Liz from Coffey Shop Charms) and myself...

Alarm goes off... I grumble and groan and lift my already tired body out of bed.

Tables- check
Chairs- check
Canopy- check
Put the last box in the car and head down the road.

Arrive at the market, wait in line to get a spot. Unload the tables, chairs, canopy, and boxes of goodies to sell.

Realize the canopy we brought is broken and missing pieces.
The fellow at the neighboring table informs us it will be around 90 degrees today without a cloud in the sky.
Realize we have no sunblock.

Finish setting up our tables, drink our coffee and tea and gobble down our breakfast sandwiches.

My half of the table

Liz's half of the table

Sun gets hotter as people wander by our table. Many browsers give lovely compliments to our work while others are compelled to point out the fact we have no canopy and the sun is baking our pale skin. Really? We didn't notice...

Found sunblock and pretty Asian style parasols at other tables selling at the market. Our delicate skin now stands a chance!!

Liz and Me

Comments now turn to our feeble attempt at staying shaded by our little parasol umbrellas. For the most part, they worked. And they were cute. Cute is always a plus!

Break down the tables and pack up the car. Run to a few tables I spotted earlier in the day to purchase a few things. I got a new mascara, some lovely buttons, and a ducky geisha! She now sits happily on my desk and watches me as I work.

All in all, we covered the cost of the table and pocketed a couple bucks. Most importantly, we got fabulous feedback, handed out a ton of business cards (one of which turned into a custom order!) and enjoyed a heaping helping of this...

Funnel cake!

I hope the craft/flea market season is starting out well for the rest of you out there!!

Any tips to share? I'd love to share them in a future post!!


  1. I don't think I'll be able to hit the circuit this summer...maybe next year...but I saw an AWESOME tutorial for making a (cheap!) banner for tables. She used whole-page sized letters from her computer, traced them onto freezer paper, and then did a stencil onto a few yards of cream-colored canvas. Easy peasy! (I found the tutorial from One Pretty Thing...the crafter's name had something to do with apples.....I can find it if you want me to.)

  2. Is this it?

    One Golden Apple

    I must have missed this! I LOVE One Pretty Thing! This is a neat project, too! I will have to put it on my list of prep projects for the next show. Thanks for the tip, Aunt LoLo!