July 28, 2010

Summer Time

And the livin's easy...

It's now late July, one of my least favorite times of the year in terms of weather. I severely dislike heat and humidity. I get cranky whenever there is sweat on my skin. Add in a monotonous work schedule, job applications for the upcoming school year, and a plethora of family crises, and so far the Summer of 2010 has been less than favorable.

However, one fabulous thing has happened so far this summer. I had the chance to participate in a really neat outdoor craft fair! The Handmade Faire held its fourth gathering on Saturday, July 17th and I was so honored to be a part of it! Put together by the amazingly organized and talented Abbie (Original Abbie, that is), the Handmade Faire brought together a myriad of talented individuals! My booth was surrounded by friendly folks - Green Cow Studios and their fabulous handcrafted soaps to my left, The wonderful Kim and Denise of 1 Oak Handbags to my right, and a very talented clay artist, Kathy in the booth directly behind me.

Shoppers cycled through from the wee hours of the AM until the afternoon was ripe! I saw so many happy faces and got to talk to so many really great people. I look forward to more Handmade Faires in the future and I hope everyone can experience great handcrafted events like this one. Shout it from the rooftops, people... BUY HANDMADE!

---me & my booth---

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