August 23, 2008

RA Training: Day Three and Sleep Mask

Another day just about done. Today was another easy day... Just a short meeting in the morning and then lunch with my staff. I went to the Dollar Tree Store with another RA, Mike, and I got a few goodies. A few stickers, cute hair ties, and a couple of "Mini Scrapbook" kits. I figure those could either be used in my own scrapbook, or utilized for some Swaps in the future!

I was also able to finally finish up my swap for the Handmade Sleep Mask swap. I am pretty proud of it! I hope my partner likes it. I plan on making another one for myself or for sale at my Etsy Shop.

I made this by tracing a sleep mask that I already have and cutting the shape out of plain cotton, silk-like fabric for the lining on the back, and a bit of interfacing. Fused the interfacing on and then cut out a cute little heart and X-Stitched it on like a patch. I pinned it all together and began sewing around the edges through a pretty white ribbon I had. I had fun with this. Perhaps with the next one I do, I will create my first craft tutorial!

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