August 24, 2008

RA Training: Day Four

No new crafts today... I did some claying last night, but I didn't take any photos yet. Expect those soon.

RA Training wasn't bad today. Since I'm in my fourth year, I guess I'm overlapping in the training rotation. We had two speakers come today who did presentations for us during my first year as an RA, so I saw the same thing all over again. It wasn't bad, just predictable and it helped to enhance my sleepiness. The presentation was done by two guys - a couple, out and open - who talked about something called "True Colors." This basically means that every person falls into one of four color categories that define how they approach situations. Blue - emotional, girly, relationship-driven; Green - analytical, factual, manly; Gold - anal retentive, organized, by-the-book; and Orange - ADD, outgoing, easily distracted. I fell into the Blue category this time, though last time I took it I was a tie between Blue and Green. It's pretty neat, all-in-all. Check it out if you want more info!

True Colors

Joe and Bil, the presenters

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