January 23, 2009

The world is so different now!

Hey there, Crafters. I come to you today a new woman. I have seen the light!!!

My new best friend!!

And by light, I mean the little itty bitty light on my new sewing machine :D

I've never had my own, real-life, big girl sewing machine. I've had little kiddie ones and one of those compact pieces of junk. My Mom had a sewing machine years ago, but neither of us could get the bottom bobbin threaded (we're mechanically challenged). And since I've taken a liking to sewing in the recent months, I asked Santa for a sewing machine for Christmas. Ol' Saint Nick did not disappoint! This may not be the most advanced or fancy pants sewing machine, but it works just great for me! 

Since Christmas this little puppy had been sitting in its box amidst all of my other boxes from moving back home from college. Tonight, and I finally started cleaning and organizing my junk, I decided to give up with cleaning once my desk was clear and play with my machine.

First I started by playing with a bunch of 4inch square blocks I had and that turned into about a 12inch square thingy with a white backing. I thought to myself, "Self - What are you going to do with this?" I thought about making it an envelope... nope. I tried quilting it to make a doll blanket for my niece who will me spending the weekend at my house... that turned out badly. Check out all the thread I ended up yanking out of the poor thing...


Then I got an idea. I had been wanting to try to square off the bottom of a bag. That always looks so sharp! So I did! And then that turned into this...

The result!!

It's a little rough and I already know a bunch of changes I'll make the next time I try to make one of these, but in the end, I love it!! I think I'll put together a tutorial for this once I get all the kinks worked out. For now, I've stuffed it full of miscellaneous sewing supplies to keep next to my new best friend. 

And now, to leave you - I'll show off my favorite pincushion.

Strawberry Pin Cushion

I found the strawberry jar at an antique shop owned by a friend of my Poppy (grandfather) this past summer. I love strawberries, so I had to bring it home with me. I had no use for it until I realized that the lame little poof I had been sticking pins in fit perfectly inside! Thus, my strawberry pincushion buddy was born. 

I'll open it up to the rest of you out there - Do you have a favorite pincushion? Show it off!! Post a link in the comments and tell me its story! Best story will be featured on Frosted Treats!!

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