February 1, 2009

Introducing: The Clutchlet

I've always loved wristlets. They're cute, they're compact, they're convenient. I've had this shape bouncing around in my mind for a while now - A small wristlet with a simple pleat and a bit of a poof at the bottom. One night this past week, I couldn't sleep. I got out my sketchbook and I drew it up. Finally! So then I took to the challenge of actually making the bag. 

So I was at the store with my niece last weekend picking out some fabric. She spotted this pink bit and thought it was super cool. She's three and it was only $1.24 for a remnant, so I got it. Once I saw it next to the bright blue remnant I got, I knew these fabrics would be perfect for the first try at my design!

I LOVE how it turned out!! For my first time drafting up a pattern, I am so proud!! I had to tell whoever would listen about it... My Mom, my old roommate, my best friend... Which led to a few requests!


So after boasting about how awesome my first wristlet of this style was, my best friend Liz requested a blue one. So who could turn down their best friend since first grade? Besides, this one went a lot quicker than the first.

I'll probably drop this off sometime Monday. I hope she likes it! 

My old roomie Casey also requested a red one, so I'll get on that tomorrow. 

The pink one has a special purpose, however. *sniff sniff* Do I smell a giveaway in the near future??? As in... Right now?!


Okay, here's the deal. This wristlet, which I am going to call the Clutchlet will be YOURS! How?

1) Comment on this post = one entry

2) Give me constructive criticism that you think would help my blog/Etsy shop = two entries

3) Post this button with a link to Frosted Treats on your blog = three entries

One winner will get this:

Stuffed with all kinds of goodies! Beads, charms, ribbon, fabric, etc!

So there you have it! The first giveaway at Frosted Treats! My goal is to boost readership and get some feedback on my work. Thanks for looking and come again soon :)

Happy Crafting!


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  2. I love how the clutchlets turned out =D they have amazing patterns! very nice

    And I think that you could improve your blog by making more contests and giveaways like these, cause you can get a lot of new visitors this way, and if they spend a little time looking out through your blog, you might get a lot more costumers =)

    Do you have twitter? It's the new great sensation, and many many people that have an etsy account, also have an account on twitter ... you should do that ;) it would raise the visitors on the blog too!

    Kiss *

  3. One last thing ... I posted your button on my blog too ^^

  4. Lovely pieces.. i would do another little extra-pocket in front or inside ^^

    I would like to win but i don't have a blog yet :S


  5. I really love this design alot and this giveaway is a great idea. :)

    Having contests and giveaways are always a great idea for getting traffic up. I find on etsy the more often you post the better because then you don't get burried at the bottom of the searches.

    Also AddCast on deviantart is really great too to have people come to your page. It's a good way to indirectly promote your shop.

  6. Oh I love it ! the design and the pattern is really great looking, not mentioning the amazing fabrics you are using ..
    I truely hope I'll win it because I love it !

    an advise: may be an inside pocket will be a winner prize ! We all need that to keep our keys, money or important stuff in case our bag fall or something :)

    let's see, I am not really familiar with what you do to advertise your work on here *the blog or etsy* ..

    I love this blog .. colors and arrangement and I think what you need is to have more communications ..
    Having a myspace and facebook can help this blog to come out and flickr.com is always a good way to advertise for your work !

    On etsy .. I love what you do and you don't really need to do much on etsy other than making your work, getting pretty photos, having clear FAQ, giving the customer an idea about the packaging !

    Also arranging sales, or special offers can help :) ..

    I'd love to post the button on my journal on Dev .. but don't know how to
    and I should truely start a blog

    I believe what an artist need to success is communication and my own business plan include:

    and I didn't start doing it truly yet because I have never sit my mind to take this is my life career although I want, my parents have a huge problem since I have a BSc in MLT *medical lab technologies* and they can't understand why would I spend 5.5 years studying/working then not get a job ! :/

    Well, all the best for you Jess <3


  7. Those are lovely! I like the pleat and poofiness!

  8. Adorable design, and the color combination is so cute!

  9. Hi, Cute clutchlet! Like the retro effect of the pink/blue combination.

    I can't offer proper advice on etsy because my own attempts to sell there was a miserable failure! (Would like to think it was to that being UK based put people off - quite expenseive and lots of postage - not that my stuff was rotten!)Feel that the best etsy shops all look really good - take time and get the best photos you can.

  10. I love the pink one. The clutches are really cute.

    I would suggest giving your products more descriptive names that are reminiscent about foods and perhaps plays on words. Maybe calling your pink clutches something clever that is similar to Ben and Jerry's calling their cherry ice cream "Cherry Garcia" or calling one of your cupcake charms something like their new ice cream flavor in honor of Obama, "Yes, Pecan."

    Just a thought.
    annasoc1 (at) verizon (dot) net

  11. So pretty! The design is just so happy. They turned out so very nice!

  12. What a cute bag, and how impressive that this is your first shot at drafting a pattern! I'm sure you will have many more hits in the future...Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Okay, I am in love with all the cute handmade purses, wristlets and in this case a clutchlet I've seen online lately! How adorable. I MUST get busy sewing and learn how to make such goodness... in the meantime, I'm hoping to win yours!

  14. I love the colour combination, so cute! I'd love to see a larger version with a few inside compartments that could fit my purse, diary, an apple, etc...Great pattern, i love the pleat.

  15. It's a cute design.

    And to improve your etsy shop, you need to have more ways of pointing to it (and esp when you update your inventory). Twitter and Facebook can both help you there.

  16. Adorable clutchlet! I love little handbags. I've always dreamed of hanging a collection of colorful ones on the wall in my room as decor!

    Maybe one thing to help your pattern would be an inside liner that is wipable.

    Good luck with your Etsy shop, I am pretty new as well. One thing that I've really benefitted from is asking other Etsy sellers questions about how they are successful and where they have gotten some of their marketing ideas. Every single one that I have asked has been more than happy to answer my timid questions.


  17. Love the wristlet, and your charms are ADORABLE. The only advice I could offer is this - make your photos brighter, and zoom in tighter on tje product. In the thumbnails, it's hard to see the details on the main page - all the lollies and cupcakes look very similar, until you click through.

    Also, make the pictures BRIGHTER if you can. Either use whiter lighting, or edit the photos to brighten them up. (go to my shoppe www.lolocraft.etsy.com to see what I'm talking about. My shoppe is by NO means perfect,but I kind of like my photos.)

    Good luck!!

  18. Love the butterfly fabric and the design of the bag!

    As far as Etsy - maybe update the shop announcements and headers as they seem more geared to the past holidays and reference a date that has passed.

  19. Very cute! Obviously having a give away is increasing traffic, this is my first time to your blog and I am headed to you etsy shop next:)

  20. HI!
    Very cute little bag!!!

    I think the other posters are correct... anytime you have a contest or giveaway you will attract more people... that's how I found you! Plus, on etsy if you offer a sale or special that can help attract buyers ( buy 2 get 1 free example).

  21. I love your clutchlet. I do think a pocket inside for keys and i.d. cards would work nicely. I like the background on your blog. It is very attractive. Thank you for the opportunity to see your blog.

  22. Wow, that clutchlet is cute!

    Your etsy shop is cute and your pricing is great! My only bit of advice is for your banner. Perhaps a brighter, more inviting banner could draw in more customers. The colors on your blog are so vibrant and the work you do is so charming, your banner should match the sweet treats you make! Keep up the good work!

  23. Looks like a great bag! thanks for the chance! Are you going to be publishing or selling the tutorial?

  24. Great job! Your niece has good taste, too. My only problem would be that I'd have to share it with my own butterfly-loving three year old...

  25. Lovely creation. I like the butterflies, they remind me of a necklace I had as a kid. Super cute.

  26. wow! that's a pretty clutchlet! i like to make things, but making clothing and making purses, that are not your simple tote bags, are really difficult for me. i would really love to win your clutchlet!

  27. I think you did a FANTASTIC job on the clutchlet! Now for some advice...more giveaways to get people looking around! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Anonymous, come back! Haha, you left no way for me to contact you :)

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  30. cute wristlets! =)

    i like the charms you have in your etsy shop, however, i think you may want to photograph the charms with better lighting. thanks.

  31. hey, thanks for the blog love and this is a great bag. you did a wonderful job. love the blog design too. the scrollie-vines are great.

  32. Just gorgeous! I LOVE little clutches and wristlets and that pink butterfly material is so cute...my girls love butterflies.

  33. Cute pattern! Please enter me in your drawing. :)

  34. I'd love to be entered in your drawing. :o)


  35. I've added your giveaway to my Current Giveaways link on my sidebar here:


  36. Your shop items are adorable, but maybe more variety?


  37. the pink and blue clutch is so cute! and it's your first time doing this?!?
    dude you have some major skills at sewing and designing!

  38. mrselliott2005@yahoo.comFebruary 9, 2009 at 1:44 AM

    What an awesome craft! These are great! Love the fabric choices!

  39. Very pretty! As for your Etsy shop, great photos makes a whole lot of difference. Since buyers don't have the "touch" and "feel" option while shopping online, great visuals of the product create more pull to buy it. Take different angles of your items{close up} and use good lighting to enhance it. That should do the trick :)

  40. Please enter me in your contest! As for constructive criticism on your Etsy shop, I think you could give your pictures a little more "pop." I am by no means a photo expert, but you might benefit from a light box or a light tent? I found this DIY project for you - there are probably others out there you could look at. Best wishes - I love your stuff. Very cute! :)

  41. Those bags are super cute! My daughter is in love with the butterflies (she just discovered the relationship of a girl and her purse!). As for two cents on your etsy page, I would have to agree with the others about lighting, it is key and maybe some simple but catchy backgrounds to compliment the pieces, I was thinking a little bit of sparkle, maybe make a small white box type set with fine glitter glued to the walls to add some reflections, sparkle and enhance lighting. Love it though!!

    Jeni jkr0304@aol.com

  42. I love it! Being a mom with a diaper bag, I am always looking for something smaller to stick inside it! This is perfect.

    As fas as suggestions: I am sorry to not be original, but the picture is key. It sells your product. I have seen things that are pretty ugly sell because the picture made them look great. Use some funky fabric backgrounds and natural lighting if you can!

    Kara ~www.bugro2.blogspot.com

  43. Hi

    Please enter me in the draw. :)

    I think what helps sell things on etsy is word of mouth (try twitter.com) and what your photographs look like.

    I need help with my etsy store too! I've only sold one item...

  44. Very nice work!! You should be proud :)

  45. Hiya! I am excited about this contest! First, I am posting a link to your blog from mine! Yah!

    Secondly, here are my suggestions: Although I agree that a little pocket inside would be semi useful, the bag is small and that may be a little bit more work for little payoff. I actually thought a tiny matching chapstick sleeve on a keychain loop would be cute. It could hang near the handle and be removed and attached to a person's keyring! Also, a small loop (could be what the chapstick sleeve attaches to) near the handle, about where the two different fabrics horizontal seam is would be cool.....and here's why: A person like myself could hook my keys onto it! The reason this would be awesome is because my keys are so bulky and huge that that would fill the bag up by themselves practically if I put them inside the bag! Just a thought.

  46. Hey i really like the pink bag you made! ( I posted above as Maddy)
    It is sooo cute XD!
    I don't know much about sewing and stuff, but if I was to give you any advice, I'd have to say maybe you could of used a different color fabric for the handle, like the blue you used for top part of the bag or another complimentary color to the colors that are on the bag. That is really the only advice I have, if at all! I still think it looks just as good without the handle being changed!
    oh and you are posted on my blogger account!