July 31, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle...

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! My week was filled with rain, thunder, and power-outages. New Jersey got SLAMMED by some heavy weather this week and apparently there's more to come.

In other news... FrostedTreats is now a bonafide member of the EtsyTwitter Team!

How cool is that? Keep an eye here for some great shops, Twitter peeps, and other neat-o stuff! I'm still getting adjusted to all of the great people floating around this group!

Today, I finished making all of the invitations for my cousin's impending baby shower. This is the second cousin I've made invites for... they better plan on returning the favor when it's my turn to pop out some babies! 

ALSO! (can you tell today has been busy, busy?) I got a new tote bag in the mail from VistaPrint.com. Free samples galore are at VistaPrint! Check 'em out, trust me - you'll be glad you did!

So yeah! Have a great weekend, Crafters!


  1. Hey there tweeter pal... I just got into the tweeter team as well and am from Jersey; the south part! :D
    Hope you are well after all that rain. Wasn't it something?!! I can believe that I slept through it. I work overnight and when I came home, I headed to bed and when I woke up- the storm was gone.

    Well, I'll talk with you soon.
    Just wanted to say Hi and all my very best,

  2. Hi, I hope you see this, had no email, just wanted to thank you for the twitter bird I received from you in the charm swap! I love it! Thanks again, I had a lot of fun! Holly Johnson

  3. haven't started tweeting - but found your blog thru facebook etsy page - I'm sure your cousins appreciate your fabulous work!