March 7, 2010

Early St. Patty's Day Parade in Jersey

I had hopes of bringing you guys a fun lil tutorial, but that was put on hold due to the fact that I spent the day celebrating the patron Saint of Ireland ten days early at the Jersey shore!
(No, not that Jersey shore... ugh... the REAL Jersey shore.)

Every year, Belmar, NJ rings in St. Patty's Day a bit early with an afternoon parade and an evening filled with typical modern festivities... I stayed for the parade and skipped out on the evening events... (Hey, the Oscars are on. Pshh.) You will find much more than over-tanned New Yorkers at the REAL Jersey shore... a random DeLorean, for example.

After a BEAUTIFUL day of sunshine, bagpipes, and a good friend or two by my side, I'm enjoying the Oscars with my family and a few finger foods. You all can feel free to enjoy my addition to Thing a Day!

If you're lucky enough to be Irish... You're lucky enough ;) Fun little dangling charm to celebrate St. Patty's Day!

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