March 4, 2010

Thing A Day - Let us begin!

AH! Didn't think you'd hear from me so soon? Well get used to it!! Thanks to the genius concept of "Thing a Day" from Amanda at Geek Details, a fellow member of the EtsyTwitter Team, I'll be attempting to post something everyday to either my blog or my Shop. Today is Day 1! You should try it - I have a feeling it's going to help me be a better blogger. Suzanne at ThreePeats is playing along, too! I can't wait to see who else will join in the madness :)

Today I stumbled upon a new swap... Claire's Crafty Blog is hosting a Pin Cushion Swap and I signed up quicker than you can blink! Pin cushions and swapping - two things that make my heart happy! I have too many pin cushions fashioned from random things I find... Here is a highlight of a few of my favorites.

The little strawberry is my favorite. She sits on my craft table and keeps me company for most of my sewing projects. My fellow sewistas - what's your favorite pin cushion?

1 comment:

  1. I have a couple of pretty ugly pincushions. These are wonderful! I should make one from one of my grandma's teacups. That way she can always be with me in my studio. (And I don't have to shove it in a drawer!)