April 11, 2010


For the record...

(Or room stacked with records)

I love digging through thrift stores and junk shops to find treasures large and small. This is something my mother and I have done for years. I used to hate it... But now I'm hooked. I have a favorite hunting ground two towns over and I recently brought a friend along to feed her thrifting addiction.

Meet Courtney.

Courtney and I work together at a tea shop and we've both become hoarders of tea pots ever since. My friend here snagged four tea pots and a stack of cups and saucers for $21. Woot!

Here's Meee!

I got a new ceramic tea pot, a bunch of tiny tea cups (for future pin cushions) and a new serving tray all for $9. Ya can't beat those kinds of deals with a stick!!

This place is stacked to the ceiling with all sorts of odds and ends... Furniture, records, books, kitchen tools, vintage clothing, and my favorite - cups, plates, bowls, and tea pots :)

I live by the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," and I love it! Do you thrift? It's silly NOT to! Not only are the prices right, but you'd be giving some unwanted item new life and reducing the amount of useless waste! It's definitely part of a Green lifestyle. So head on out to your nearest thrift store, junk shop, second hand store or even a garage sale... Give new life to some little lovelies! You'll feel good afterwards... I promise ;)

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