June 17, 2010

June 2010 Market Table and Goodies

This past Saturday was Flea Market table #2 for Liz and I. We fared MUCH better than the last market. Our canopy worked perfectly and we stayed shaded and happy. I think that definitely helped our sales... Being in a better mood surely drew in more browsers!

I tried a few new things with my table set up and I really liked how it turned out. I've been searching and applying to more and more craft shows for this summer and I'm really excited about all this! Wish me luck, fellow crafters.

Oh! And as usual, I got a request for a custom item at this month's market. Woohoo! I really do love custom orders, they're so satisfying and fun to do! This one came from a very friendly mother who remembered us from last month and wanted some Little Mermaid inspired necklaces made for her two daughters. I hope she likes them!

So for the other artists out there... Do you like custom orders? What's the most interesting order you've taken? Any horror stories you care to share?

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