September 1, 2008

Goodbye Summer!

Ahhh, Labor Day. The official end to summer for most of my life... This time, it's truly the end. Tomorrow I start Student Teaching. No students just yet, but meetings and what not at the school. Then the kids come. Then I am no longer a kid myself - I have to walk, talk, and act like a teacher everyday. My stomach is full of butterflies. I plan on setting out my outfit, getting the coffee pot ready, and going to be early.

For now, while I'm stuck in the RA office on duty, I'm making a pin cushion for my Grandma. Before I moved back to school, she hemmed three pairs of teacher pants for me overnight!! She's a sewing ANIMAL! In return, I plan on making her a pin cushion, maybe a little handbag, and sending candies. I love my Grandma! Here is the pin cushion pattern I am following - I'm using a nice burgundy fabric I found. That's my Grandma's favorite color.

Square Deal Pin Cushion by Heather Bailey - This is a Free Pattern that I just LOVE! I can't wait to finish up this pin cushion and send it on its way! I plan on making one for myself, too. The lame little felt poof I rigged together just isn't cutting it.

I did a bit of shopping the other day... Here are the goodies!

I have two 1/2 yards - one in black, and one in white. They have each have a really neat pattern on them... I sense a purse or two... The orange was a really cheapie remnant that I grabbed. I think it's a cute color! I got some ribbon... Some D rings... Some buttons.... A couple of clearance stamps... some jump rings and chain... Oh! And some ADORABLE mini paper bows!! I can't wait to find some random reason to put those to good use. I really need a life. Sigh.

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