February 11, 2009

And we have a WINNAHH!!!

Wow! I am so overwhelmed and excited with all the new visitors and all the GREAT suggestions and tips for making my blog and Esty shop improve! Here are a few of the wonderful tips I've gotten:

  • More than any other comment that came from you guys was the one about photos. Photo light boxes, some patterend backgrounds, focus in better - Very great tips! Photos are definitely something I've struggled with. I put together a photo box, but I think the lamp I was using was not bright enough, so back to the drawing board! Thanks :)

  • Have more contests and giveaways!  Gladly ;) In fact, based on the fabulous response to this first giveaway, I'll be having a whole bunch more!! Starting next Friday and continuing every other Friday, Frosted Treats will have Freebie Friday! Keep your eyes open ;)

  • More patterns! Add to the pattern of the Clutchlet! We want an inner pocket! Haha. A bunch of the comments called for an inner pocket for the current Clutchlet, but I'll have to give you guys some bad news. This version is a bit too small to integrate that into the pattern without the pocket being really tiny or fudged up. I do, however, plan on making a larger version of the Clutchlet... The Clutchzilla? Haha, seriously though, there will be a bigger one of these, and I promise to put in inner pockets and all kinds of other goodies :)

  • There were a bunch of other great comments. Update Etsy more often (will do!), sign up for Twitter (done! Follow me), make a Facebook page (done! Check it out). I also want to post a few tutorials and such. 

So thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so glad for all the tips! 

Anyways, I'm sure you guys are here to find out who will be taking home the Clutchlet before anyone else...

After 42 people commented, giving me 86 entries to draw from...

Number 62! Which is...

Joy from Joy to the Blog! Congratulations! I'll be e-mailing you shortly for shipping info. 

Thanks again for all of the great entries and comments!! Come back often for more Frosted Treats goodies, giveaways, and fun galore!

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