March 13, 2010


No Thing a Day from me today... My area of the world was slammed by some crazy rain and wind today and I spent most of the day without power. Even now it's flickering every once in a while. I attempted to make one thing, but it didn't turn out well and I'm considering throwing it out the window just out of spite.

Boring blog post, huh? Yeah, I know. You can go ahead and throw rocks at me. What if I pointed you all in the direction of some sweet shops on Etsy... Would you love me again?

Clover Leaf Sterling Silver Photo Charm Keychain from MindyG

Jersey T-Shirt Fabric Scarf in Lime Green Spring Summer from Beautiful Bridget

Pucker - Stone Dangle Earrings from Smutopia

There ya go! A little Green to get you all in the mood for Saint Patty's Day! Enjoy :)

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for including my earrings in your green post! I'm definately in the St. Patrick's day mood now :)