March 11, 2010

Playing with SpoonFlower

As a lover of fabrics, I've had by eye on Spoonflower for a while now. I mean, c'mon! Who wouldn't want to print your own designs on to real life fabric?! Pshh.

Anyways, I've always been hesitant to dive in and really play with the possibilities, but today I went head first and have put up a couple of designs. Man, I'm giddy! I played around with a little clover doodle I made and here's the first fabric I am happy to share with you.


I call it Cloverfield. I love it! I wanted another print to coordinate with it, so I took a handful of quotes about luck and being lucky and came up with this...


This one is called Lucky Words. Phew! Designing fabric is even harder than I thought it was... Worrying about repeats, color palettes, blah blah blah... I hope these come out well! I placed my order for a couple of swatches and hopefully they'll come out perdy! They won't be in my hands until after St. Patrick's Day, but I'm a green-eyed, freckled Irish girl, so I'll love these all year 'round!

Has anyone else out there tried Spoonflower or something similar? What were your results? Oh! And be sure to browse the site for other people's prints... There are some REALLY talented people out there!

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