March 10, 2010

Thing a Day - Whoops!

Hiya... No, no now... I didn't forget about my Thing a Day project yesterday... I was just out making THINGS! I swear... Here, let me prove it...

See!! Every once in a while, my best friend Liz and I get together and scrapbook. It's therapy. We sit down with a ton of photographs, various stickers, and a wealth of patterned paper to artistically and craftfully catalog our memories. I managed to turn out three new pages for my scrapbook last night (usually I do more, but I promised Liz I'd slow down.) I'm the speedy scrapbooker and Liz is the OCD scrapbooker. Normally I make about five pages to her two in one night. Soooo I promised I'd slow down and keep pace with her last night.

The page you see above shows me and three of my closest girlfriends... In the large photo on the right, you'll see Liz, Kristin, Lia, and myself. Liz and I have been best friends since first grade. Kristin and Lia have been best friends since I believe second grade. The four of us came together when I met Kristin and Lia in college and realized they lived in the next town over from Liz and me. So yeah... The four of us became quite close.

Anywho... Back to scrapbooking. This year, Liz and I added a new tool to our scrapbook nights... The wonderful, magnificent, awesome CRICUT! (Oooooh! Aaaaah!) Yes, I love this wonderful machine. It cuts out letters and shapes and words and AHHH! I love it. Now, I'm no spokesperson for Cricut (though I'd gladly be one if they but I think my crafty life has been made so much cooler just by having one. Here's another page I did earlier this year...

Me and Liz again playing in the snow like we're not grown adults... All of the lettering and most of the shapes in these two pages were made using the Cricut. See how fun scrapbooking is?? AHH! Okay, enough freaking out from me. I've got to get myself ready for a night of work.

So I'll count this as two Thing a Day's since I put in two photos... Don't judge me. :D

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Oh scrapbooking. I remember when I used to do that too! Your pages turned out lovely :)